The Real Reason to Meditate

October 31, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how meditation has become popular and mainstream in today’s world. No longer is it just a practice from the East. People all over the world are taking the time to meditate to realize its physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Yet, there is another reason we should meditate, and it relates to who we really are.

Living at the level of our physical senses, we believe that we are our body, mind, and emotions. There is another part of us, our core, which is eternal and everlasting, and this is our spirit. Anything that is encapsulated becomes known only by its covering. Our soul, which presently resides in the human body, has become known by its covering, the body. However, it is the soul that enlivens the body and lives on after death. The real reason to meditate is to nourish the soul, said the spiritual Master.

In meditation, we withdraw our attention from the world outside and focus it on the spiritual regions within. As we concentrate at the third eye, the gateway into the inner spiritual regions, a whole new world of love, Light, and happiness opens for us. We realize ourselves as soul and experience our connection with God, the Source from where our soul originated. Connection with God’s love and Light in meditation nourishes our soul. The more we meditate, the more the soul is nourished so that it can embark on its journey back to God.