Yearning for God

January 22, 2022

Born into this human existence, we do all we can to lead our lives in a way that brings us love, peace, and happiness. Yet, do we know the kind of life we need to live to attain life’s true purpose?

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of life’s true purpose, expounding on the virtue of faithful devotion to God and the importance of true yearning if we are to find our way back to God. We remain focused on attaining material things of this world throughout our lives, and we devote our lives to achieving them. However, none of these earthly achievements accompany us when we leave this world.

This life was not given to us to achieve the wealth of this world but to unearth the priceless spiritual treasures hidden within. For this to happen, we need first to know who we are. When we understand that we are not the body or mind, but that we are spirit, a part of God, a yearning develops within us to experience our true self. This thirst to know ourselves is quenched when we come to a spiritual adept who can help us experience ourselves as soul. The spiritual Master teaches us the technique of meditation—the process whereby we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it on the inner spiritual worlds. As we do so, we embark on the inner voyage and connect with God’s love and Light, which fills us with bliss, peace, and joy.

The more time we spend in meditation, the more love we experience. Direct experience of God’s love strengthens our faith in God and increases our yearning and devotion to be with the Creator. We develop a ruling passion to know God, which pulls us closer to our goal. The closer we are to God, the further we will be from sorrow and the more peaceful our lives will become.