Experience the Inner You in 2022: A New Year’s Day Discourse

January 1, 2022
On the dawn of a new year, tens of thousands around the world joyfully tuned into the web broadcast of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. In his new year’s address, the spiritual Master congratulated everyone on the occasion and shared his best wishes for the year ahead. He also expounded on the inspiring slogan he had coined for 2022: Experience the Inner You in 2022.
Why is it important that we experience our inner self, he asked? We see ourselves as the body and focus our lives on caring for and nurturing the body, unaware of the true purpose of our lives. In truth, we are soul, the power that enlivens the body. When we experience, recognize, and realize our inner self, we find that our lives are filled with happiness, peace, love, and bliss.
Currently, our attention is focused on the outer world, which is fleeting, temporary, and always changing. As we try to navigate the uncertainty of this world, we experience constant turmoil and agitation, which bring challenges and difficulties into our lives. Yet when we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it on inner spiritual worlds through the process of meditation, we can experience our inner self, our spirit, which is a part of God. We tap into a reservoir of peace and stillness that equips us with all that is needed to remain happy despite our ever-changing outer circumstances. We experience the stability, beauty, and bliss of the inner worlds that God has also created but, unlike our outer world, remain undisturbed by the human hand.
The ripple effect of the peace and joy we experience spreads to everyone we meet. The more we progress within, the more peace and happiness we experience, and the more peace and happiness we spread. As we begin to embody the characteristics of our soul, we undergo a personal transformation that renders us more loving, compassionate, nonviolent, and selfless. Through meditation, we can experience our inner self and bring love, Light, and joy into this world.