Happiness Comes from Contentment

January 2, 2022
In his first Global Meditation in Place broadcast of the New Year, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj gave us a blueprint for how to find happiness in the year ahead.

At the beginning of a new year, we often make resolutions to improve our lives. We make wishes and offer prayers to God, generally for things that we believe will bring us happiness: good health, financial security, material gains, harmonious relationships, and the like.

However, with time, we find that our prayers to God are not always answered. It is important to realize, emphasized the spiritual Master, that God only gives us whatever is right for us despite our ardent prayers. As such, our prayers should be for the Creator to give us whatever is best and right for us and for the blessing to be content with what we receive.

Contentment, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, is the way to happiness. Let us pray to be content with what we have and what we receive. Let us live by the principle of “Sweet is Thy Will,” knowing that whatever God sends in our direction is for our highest wellbeing. When this happens, we will find life becomes joyous and fulfilling.