One Step at a Time

January 8, 2022
As we look at our lives, we find that we are constantly experiencing ups and downs. Some days, we are happy, while others bring us sorrow and pain. This feeling has only grown over the past two years as we’ve adapted our lives to the pandemic. No matter who we are or where we come from, this pandemic has impacted everyone in the world. In today’s web broadcast, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the nature of life and how we have within us all we need to remain happy and peaceful despite the difficulties and turmoil around us.
From the moment a soul enters this world within a mother’s womb, through the process of birth and all the phases of growth that it will experience throughout its lifetime, there will be pain and difficulties. The nature of the pain and difficulties may change, but they occur through life. When we realize this truth, we begin to search for answers. This search brings us to the spiritual path and to the words of saints and mystics who have come to this world to show us the way to happiness. The saints offer us a blueprint to unravel life’s great mystery so that we can attain life’s purpose: to reunite our soul with God. While the road Godward may not be easy, we can accomplish it one step at a time, said the spiritual Master.
First, we need to learn to withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus on the inner spiritual worlds. This process of withdrawing our attention is called meditation, and we can learn it under the guidance of a spiritual Master. With daily practice and sincere effort, we can embark on the spiritual journey and have our soul connect with the love and Light of God, nourishing and strengthening our soul. Next, the saints teach us to lead ethical lives, wherein we learn to be truthful, nonviolent, compassionate, kind, and selfless. In doing so, we will gradually find that our lives are transformed. We will realize the oneness of God’s creation and strive to work not just for ourselves but also for the greater good. As we introduce meditation and ethical living into our lives, one step at a time, we find that our attention remains focused on God and the bliss and joy of the inner regions. We will uncover the inner strength to overcome our difficulties and stay happy and peaceful despite the turmoil surrounding us.