Learn to Live and Let Live

July 10, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused on how we can remain calm, happy, and joyous despite our outer circumstances. In our day-to-day lives, we interact with many individuals. Due to differences of opinion, these interactions often turn into arguments or misunderstandings that affect us negatively, leading to anger and turmoil. When we encounter these stressful situations, it is easy to place blame on others and mistakenly be convinced that they are the cause of our pain and stress. When we take a close look at our lives, we find that others are not the cause of these, but rather, we bring it upon ourselves. It is not others who keep us from experiencing joy in our lives, but we who inflict it upon ourselves. The anger and frustration we feel come from within us, and they surface when our interactions do not meet our expectations.

The remedy for this pain, the spiritual Master pointed out, is to develop right understanding and focus on our own actions and shortcomings instead of finding fault with others. We should understand that no two people in the world are alike. Due to differences in upbringing and our diverse backgrounds, there are bound to be differences, and depending on the circumstances, each one’s point of view may be correct. There are many ways to get to a destination, and each of us may choose the path that works best for us. Hence, in a spirit of understanding, we should “live and let live.” We should focus on our shortcomings and improving ourselves. We are all here to know God, and just as blinders on a racehorse can help it remain focused on its goal, we too should place blinders on ourselves and concentrate on our own progress, without being waylaid by our desire to meddle in the affairs of others.