Learn to See Clearly through Meditation

July 17, 2021

It is human nature to see the world through our beliefs, which are informed by our understanding of the world around us. Owing to our ego, we see ourselves as different from others and often consider ourselves better than them, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. We allow outer differences to impact our interactions and create animosity, believing we are always in the right. This way of living brings turmoil, stress, and strain into our lives and our surroundings. It can perpetuate suffering for all. If we continue to live in this manner, our lives will be riddled with turmoil and tension.

If we are to lead a calm and happy life, we need to live in the right manner, said the spiritual Master. We need to first know ourselves and realize our relationship with God. This happens as we meditate. Through meditation, we realize our true essence and experience the union of our soul with God. Connection with God’s love and light removes the veils of illusion that currently shroud our soul, and gradually our vision becomes clear. Right understanding leads to right thoughts, right thoughts lead to right words, and right words, in turn, lead to right actions. Transformed by divine love, we become compassionate, truthful, and selfless. We learn to spread happiness and share in the pain of others, and in so doing, move away from a world of duality and embrace a world of unity and oneness.