Make Use of the Divine Treasures

July 18, 2021

Today, at the 63rd Global Meditation in Place online event, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused on the importance of making use of the divine treasures that God has given us.
When we come into this human existence, great treasures are bestowed on us. Along with the gift of human birth, God gives us the priceless treasure of being able to experience and connect with God while we are in this human body.

Each of us has the ability to discriminate between right and wrong, between truth and untruth so that we can discern the path leading to God. We are also given all that we need to realize our true nature so we can recognize that we are more than the physical body. God has given us the mechanism to achieve this. The process, whereby we silence the body and mind to realize our soul, is called meditation. Through meditation, we can experience God’s love and Light and partake of the divine treasures that await us within. We can unravel the mysteries of life and fulfill the purpose for which we are here. Saints and mystics come to remind us of these treasures and to urge us to not let our treasures remain hidden and forgotten, but to take the time to sit in silence so we can connect with God’s love and experience the revelations of the Divine.