Overcome the Barrier of the Ego to Find God

July 24, 2021

From time immemorial, humans have searched for God. This search is often sparked by a calamity or hardship that causes us to realize we cannot find lasting happiness in this fleeting physical world. It leads us to question the meaning of our existence and to embark on a spiritual quest to find God.

A key barrier on the path Godward is the ego; it is a wall between our true self, the soul, and God. The ego is the part of ourselves that tells us we are separate and better than everyone around us. It causes turmoil and tension in our lives and keeps us from the stillness required to experience God. How do we achieve the seemingly insurmountable task of overcoming the ego? For this, we need the help and guidance of a spiritual Master.

Saints and spiritual Masters come into this world to show us the way back to God. They remind us of our true nature and urge us to live an ethical life so we can build a strong foundation for our spiritual growth. They teach us the technique of meditation so that we can experience God’s love and Light. Upon contact with God’s Light, the barrier of the ego is slowly chipped away.

Gradually, we begin to see this Light in everyone, and we embrace the oneness of creation. As we bathe in God’s love and Light in meditation, we transition from living a life of duality to a life of unity, making steady progress Godward.