The Experience of God

July 11, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on how we can experience God in our lives. As we go through challenges, calamities, and difficulties in life, we begin to wonder about our existence and our relationship to God, he said. Considering ourselves to be small and insignificant against the backdrop of God’s vast creation, we wonder if we could ever have a relationship with the One who created it all.

Saints and mystics come to remind us that God is within us, and each of us can have a direct experience of the Lord. To do so, we do not need to leave our hearth and home and negate life, said the spiritual Master. To have an experience of God, we need to go within. Going within begins with taking our attention away from the world outside, where it is currently, and focusing it within through meditation.

Accustomed to the instant nature of our lives today, we often expect to find God in an instant once we begin our search. It does not work this way, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. What is needed is a sincere desire and a diligent and focused effort on our part to reach our goal of experiencing God. We need to be regular in our spiritual practices, putting in daily effort so that we take our attention away from the activities of the outer world. As we learn the technique of stilling the body and mind, our soul will begin to soar into the inner spiritual regions, which are full of the love and light of God. There, we experience the peaceful, calming, and blissful presence of God. Each one of us can know God. It is simply a question of where we focus our attention, how sincere we are in our desire to know the Creator, and how diligent we are in our efforts.