Detox the Mind

September 3, 2023

This afternoon, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke at the Maaspoort Den Bosch in the Netherlands about detoxing the mind to experience peace, calm, and tranquility. Despite living in developed times and having the convenience of modern technology, our lives are not happier or more peaceful than those of our forefathers, said the spiritual Master.

Stress, strain, fear, and worry are constantly present in our day, while moments of peace, happiness, or joy seem fleeting. We are pulled in many directions as we try to accomplish daily tasks. Stress has polluted modern-day life, he emphasized. When our mind experiences stress, it manifests as sickness in the body.

Many of life’s troubles begin when thoughts pollute the mind. The pollutants of worry, fear, anxiety, jealousy, and depression can take over our being and drive us into a state of helplessness. They shroud our true essence, the soul, and we cannot experience ourselves as we are—sparks of the Divine, full of love and Light.

Just as we detoxify the body to remove toxins that make us physically sick, we can detoxify the mind. Detoxifying the mind begins with recognizing the pollutants that trouble us and realizing they originate from the mind. Next, we need to learn the meditation technique whereby we can still the mind by withdrawing our attention from the outer world and focusing it within. This allows our soul to connect with the inner Light. It is contact with this Light that truly detoxifies the mind, freeing it of its pollutants.