Find Strength in God’s Love

October 15, 2023

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s discourse at Kirpal Bagh, Delhi, focused on the transformative power of God’s love and the strength we can find when we experience this love. While living in this physical world with all its attractions and distractions, we get pulled in myriad directions that take our focus away from what is truly important—our life’s purpose and the reason we are here in this human existence.

The saints remind us of this purpose and the need to focus in the right direction to make the most of our human birth. They grant us the right understanding of life and awaken us to the fleeting nature of this world. They also help us realize that what will hold value at the end of our lives is not the magnitude of the material wealth we have amassed but rather whether or not we have achieved closeness to God. This closeness will not come from honing the intellect but by walking the path of love.

The alchemy of this love is such that it draws our attention away from the outer world to the riches of the inner worlds where love, peace, and bliss reside. Upon experiencing it, we find the strength to navigate life’s ups and downs that would otherwise leave us bereft and fearful. This direct experience strengthens our faith in God and brings us closer to the Creator.

We were given this human body to find our way back to God, the spiritual Master emphasized. Those who put in the time and effort to reach this goal will achieve it. We must focus in the right direction and take the necessary steps. We can do so, first, by leading an ethical life of nonviolence, purity, truthfulness, humility, and love. Second, we can build on this strong foundation by going within through meditation to experience the uplifting and joyous inner Light of God.