Love More. Think Less.

October 9, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of our interactions with others and the impact they can have on us. As we lead our lives, we find that our relationships with the people around us have a profound influence on our lives. Be it with family, friends, colleagues or even strangers, the effect of our interactions can last long afterward, stirring thoughts and feelings in us that may cause turmoil and turbulence in our lives.

One key area that is affected is our meditations, the spiritual Master pointed out. When we sit to meditate, the biggest obstacle we encounter is the ability to control our thoughts. Upon analysis, we find that these thoughts often arise from our interactions. To lessen our thoughts so that we can focus during our meditations, we need to examine the nature of our interactions. Saints and mystics tell us that there is a certain way to approach our encounters such that they do not negatively impact our spiritual journey. It begins, he said, with meeting everyone with love. When we bring love into an encounter, we do not bring expectations nor seek to hurt the other. And, if hurt is directed our way, we do not pay heed to it and are able to overlook the shortcomings of others.

When we meet others with love, we only see the best in them. We remain humble and open in our interactions, and our power of listening is enhanced. When we listen with an open and humble heart, and when we pause to reflect before we respond, our interactions are bound to be positive and harmonious. The more loving our interactions, the fewer thoughts we have, the better we can focus our attention when we sit to meditate, and the sooner we can embark on the journey to the inner realms.