Resolve to Fulfill Life’s Mission Statement

January 15, 2023

What does a human being have in common with a large organization? Answer: They are both complex entities with multiple components, all needing to work together to achieve a larger goal.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj today compared the workings of a large enterprise to our human existence. Any major company has a mission statement, with a chief executive officer (CEO) ensuring it can achieve its goals. The organization consists of various departments, each designated with a specific task. The role of the CEO is to ensure the harmonious workings of all departments so that the company can achieve its targets. As long as everyone in the company works together, the company can deliver results. If, however, the departments fail to collaborate harmoniously, the company’s profit margins will suffer, and they will not fulfill their mission statement.

Our human existence is no different. We, too, have a mission statement: to achieve our soul’s merger with God. As with any large company, we have different aspects of our being: the physical body, intellect, emotions, and most importantly, our soul, which is our true essence. Each of these serves like a separate department in a large enterprise. Unfortunately, each is governed by its own goals, unaware of the mission statement they should be working toward together.

Our soul is meant to serve as our CEO. It is the responsibility of the soul to oversee and govern the harmonious workings of the body, mind, and emotions. If we remain unaware of our soul, our enterprise has no leader to guide it to its goal.

To rectify this, the first step we should take is to help our soul remember itself as a part of God. This awakening can only occur when we take our attention away from the distractions of the outer world. Meditation gives us an opportunity to convene the body, mind, and emotions. When all of these are stilled, we experience the joy and bliss of the inner worlds. As the soul connects with the divine love and Light of God in meditation, it awakens to its true nature and gains the strength needed to take its rightful place as CEO. We can then achieve our mission of merger with God.