Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Speaks at Manav Kendra

September 27, 2023

On September 27, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj and his wife, Mata Rita Ji, traveled to Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand in India. The city rests in the Doon Valley at the foothills of the Himalayas. The spiritual Master held a program at Manav Kendra, a unique center for humanity built in Dehradun under the supervision of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj (1894-1974). The center was developed with the noble mission to serve all of God’s creation, including animals, and was inaugurated in 1970. Most striking within Manav Kendra’s premises is the Mansarovar, a beautifully designed, huge oval-shaped reservoir of well water.

An international audience awaited their arrival. In  Sant Rajinder Singh Ji’s address to the crowd, he paid tribute to Sant Kirpal Singh Ji’s tireless efforts to build Manav Kendra. Then, comparing the work of scientists with spiritual scientists or saints, he described how just as scientists conduct research into matter to unravel the mysteries of nature, saints conduct research into consciousness to unearth the answers to life’s greater mysteries. Their search led them within,  instead of to the world outside. They found that the Power of God is constantly reverberating within us. We can connect with this Power by withdrawing our attention from the distractions of the outer world and focusing it within through meditation.

With daily meditation, we grow closer and closer to God; we become free of worry, and life becomes more beautiful as we experience God’s constant presence in our lives. Our sincere yearning fuels our progress back to God. Gradually, the soul, shrouded by layers of mind, matter, and illusion, is freed and gains the strength to journey back to God. The journey culminates in the merger of the small light of our soul with the Light of God. The drop merges with the divine Ocean.