The Secret to Lasting Happiness? Remember Who We Are

October 24, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of our endless search for lasting happiness. We focus our energies on anything that we believe will bring us joy, only to find that eternal happiness eludes us in this fleeting and temporary physical world. How can we find lasting happiness when life is not easy, and when everyone is grappling with their own difficulties?

Happiness lies in being content with what we have and in knowing what will truly make us happy, said the spiritual Master. Living at the level of our physical senses and taking ourselves to be our bodies and minds, we believe that what happens at the physical level is what brings us joy. However, we have forgotten who we truly are. We have forgotten that we are spiritual beings and that at our core is the spirit or soul, a part of God. We come from God’s Abode, and what makes us truly happy is connecting with God.

Saints and spiritual Masters come to this world to help us remember. Through teaching us the technique of meditation, they help us recognize our true selves, and give us a direct experience of the love and Light of God that resides within us. As we connect with God’s love, we are immersed in an ocean of love and happiness everlasting. The realities of life unfold for us, and we develop a clearer understanding of ourselves, our connection to God, and each other. Once we have tasted the sweetness of God’s love, we yearn for more, knowing it will bring us the happiness we have sought from the time we were born. It is when we get to this state of understanding and realization that life becomes joyous, harmonious, and peaceful.

So, while life is not easy, it is up to us to do the work to remember who we truly are and to reclaim our right to lasting happiness. Each of us has all that we need to awaken to our true self and to walk the path to lasting happiness. It begins with meditation.