The Soul’s Voyage Back to God

December 11, 2021

Our soul has been separated from its Source, God, for eons, and it yearns to be reunited. It is God’s gift to our soul when we are given the opportunity to be born in this human body, which is the highest form of Creation. In this form, we have all that we need to realize our true essence as soul and find our way back Home.

To do so, however, we need to take our attention away from the distractions of the outer world and embark on a journey into the inner spiritual realms, where God resides. This happens through the process of meditation, said the spiritual Master. As we meditate and connect with God’s love and Light within, we experience joy, happiness, and a state of bliss unlike anything we have experienced in this world. As we awaken to God’s presence within us, our love for God strengthens, so much so that nothing in the outer world can keep us from taking steps toward God.

Step-by-step, we travel further into the inner regions until our soul finally merges in the Ocean of God’s love, becoming one with its Source, and fulfilling the purpose for which we have been given this human existence. The spiritual journey is the most sacred voyage on which we can embark. It begins with focusing our attention at the gateway to the inner regions, the spiritual eye, through meditation.