Seek Refuge in the Love of the Saints

March 28, 2024

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a public talk this evening at the Gulf Convention Centre in Manama, Bahrain. Addressing the large gathering, the spiritual Master remarked on the nature of the times we live in. Our day-to-day lives are hectic, with multiple distractions and obligations that keep us from finding the peace and calm that we inherently seek. He said that we seek peace, calm, and love because we ultimately seek lasting happiness.

Living at the level of our physical senses, we believe that whatever we experience through our senses is all there is to this world and that whatever is to be attained must also be sought within the confines of this physical world. Thus, we search for lasting happiness in the fleeting world around us. However, after we have exhausted our search in the material world, we turn to our faiths.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that the scriptures of all faiths memorialize the experience of the saints after whom those faiths were formed. Saints and mystics of all religions and ages attest to finding lasting happiness in the worlds within. These worlds exist concurrently with our physical world and require us to embark on the inner spiritual journey to experience their treasures.

How can we tap into these treasures? We can do so through the help and guidance of a spiritual Master. While all worldly relations may offer us knowledge of this physical world, a spiritual Master bestows on us the knowledge of the spiritual worlds. Through meditation, we can experience the immense beauty, peace, love, and joy of the inner spiritual realms, awaken to our spiritual nature, and become imbued in the colors of God’s love.