The Future Is Bright

October 16, 2022

It is a human tendency to focus on what has happened in the past. We relive the pain we felt when life did not go our way, and we often regret some of our actions or inactions. But what do we achieve from focusing on the past, which we cannot change? In his Global Meditation in Place message today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said that when we live in the past, we waste the gift of the present moment. We deplete the capital of time that God has given us to achieve the supreme purpose of life—the realization of our true essence as soul and the reunion of our soul in God. Rather than looking to the past, we need to make the most of the current moment. We should be positive and focus on the future, which offers the promise of joy, love, and light.

How can we ensure that the future delivers on this promise? We can do so by making the most of our time today. First, we need to lead ethical lives in which we do no harm and we bring joy into the lives of others; an ethical life is a stepping stone to spirituality. Next, we need to take time each day to defocus from the distractions of the outer world that keep us from getting to our goal. We should withdraw our attention from the world and focus within, where there is only light. When we still our body and mind through meditation, our soul connects with God’s love, which fills us with joy and bliss. Contact with God’s love frees the soul from the layers that shroud its beauty so it can shine in all its pristine glory. As we take steps toward God, we can ensure that our future is bright.