Mind Your Thoughts: At the International Meditation Center in Lisle

January 13, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a discourse about the power of our thoughts. Addressing a packed hall, he described how thoughts are very potent and can manifest themselves in our lives: our thoughts affect our words, and our words affect our actions. Therefore it is important that we guard our thoughts so they help us move in the right direction. Every thought that we have has a reaction, he said. just as every word we speak and every action we perform have reactions. As we dig deeper into the realities of our existence, and quench our intellectual thirst in search of God, we arrive at the need to turn theory into practice. The experimentation that we pursue on the spiritual journey is what we refer to as meditation. It is the technique whereby we focus our attention from the outer world and have a direct experience of God’s love within. As we do so, we begin to experience ourselves at the level of the soul, awakening to our true nature as soul, along with the realization that there is a spiritual existence beyond the physical body, our emotions and our intellect. The soul and God commune in silence, said the spiritual Master, and as we journey into the inner realms, our soul is able to connect with the Divine Power of God within. Gradually, this connection with the Light and Sound of God nourishes our soul and brings about a transformation from within, wherein we develop right understanding about our human existence. This right understanding leads us to have right thoughts. Right thoughts focused on God yield right words which in turn lead to right actions, bringing peace, harmony and joy into our environment. It is then that we lead lives of love, compassion, truthfulness, humility and selfless service to others, and that we make steady spiritual progress Godward, he concluded.