God Loves Us Tremendously

October 24, 2020

In his web broadcast today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of God’s immense love for us and how we can experience this divine love. 

As we navigate the challenges of life, we often feel alone and unsupported. Family and friends might be there for us when times are good, but when they cannot help us in times of trouble, we begin to wonder if there is any true support in this world. We wonder if there is anyone who loves us unconditionally and is always there for us. Our thoughts lead us to ponder about God’s existence and whether God might love us. 

God does exist, and God loves us tremendously and unconditionally, reassured the spiritual Master. The greatest love in this world is that of a mother for her child. This love gives us but a glimpse into God’s love for us. 

We cannot imagine the intensity and immensity of God’s love; we must experience it to know it. However, just like the air around us that sustains us but cannot be seen, God enlivens our very existence but is invisible to the physical eye. Yet we can get to a state where we see God, know God, recognize God, and experience God’s love for us. For this, we must seek God where God resides. God resides within us. When we learn the technique of meditation, we can journey within to experience God, he said.