The Journey to God

October 25, 2020

Today, during the 25th Global Meditation in Place online event, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the search for God and the secret to finding God.

God cannot be found through shortcuts, he said, or through mere rites and rituals. The secret to finding God lies in the journey we take and being open and receptive to our fellow beings as we journey through life.

The spiritual Master said that every living being in this universe is a reflection of God. The Creator’s splendor and radiance shine in every soul. As we go through life and meet any living form, we are meeting one of the many manifestations of God. When we realize that God is within everyone, we also recognize that God is within us. It then dawns on us that we do not need to travel far in this outer world to find God. God resides within, and to find God, we need to journey within and explore our inner self. We can do this through the process of meditation.

God loves us tremendously, and as children of God, we are born with a birthright to know God. We can experience God and God’s love through meditation, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. He then placed the online gathering in meditation.