Learning from Our Mothers: A Mother’s Day Discourse

May 9, 2021

On this second Sunday of May, which marks Mother’s Day around the world, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji focused his talk on the love of our mothers. Mother’s Day, he said, is for the recognition of our mothers, who bring love and sweetness into our lives.

Mothers are our first teachers, our first protectors, and our first guides; they teach us the ways of the world and help us as we find our way in the world. In the lap of our mothers, pain and discomfort are dispelled, said the spiritual Master. Mothers love their children and families tremendously and are ever ready to sacrifice themselves for the comfort and happiness of their children. It is this love and sacrifice of our mothers that we celebrate on Mother’s Day.

Expounding on a mother’s love for her child, the spiritual Master spoke of how we need to emulate this love in our lives if we are to live life in the best possible manner. We need to embrace everyone as our very own, considering each person as our sister, brother, mother, father, or child. Just as mothers bring sweetness into our lives, let us bring sweetness into the lives of those around us. Just as a mother’s kind words can uplift us when we are down, let us speak kind words and let our actions bring comfort and solace to all. Just as a mother always has a word of encouragement for her children, let us appreciate others and always focus on the positive, encouraging each other as we walk through life.

Let the well-being of others be at the forefront of our lives, such that we live to serve and uplift. Let us utilize the gifts that God has given us to help others and make life better for everyone on this planet, realizing that we are all members of the same family of God. Let us open our hearts so that hatred and prejudice are washed away, and let us be compassionate toward all, bringing pain to no one. As we start to live our lives in this manner, we will become ready to take the journey toward God, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. It is love for God’s creation that propels us toward God. And as we experience our connection with God through meditation, this connection, in turn, increases our love for everyone else. Love for all makes this life loving, harmonious, and joyous. On this Mother’s Day, let us understand our relationship with our mothers, and through that, understand our relationship with God. Let us strengthen our connection with God through meditation, so we can take steady steps toward fulfilling life’s supreme purpose.