Independence of the Soul

August 17, 2020

In his Saturday discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj shed light on our true nature and on the human condition. We think we are the physical body, and we focus our efforts on feeding and nourishing the body, not realizing that it is the soul, a part of God, that gives life to the body.

Within this body reside the soul, the mind, and the senses. The senses, through their attraction to the outer world, and the mind, through its mechanism of thoughts, keep our attention entangled in the activities of the world. As such, the soul, which has been separated from its Source for eons, has been entrapped in the physical world.

We need to extricate the soul from this entrapment, said the spiritual Master, so that it can find its independence and reunite with God. This happens as we learn to take our attention away from the physical world and focus it within, through meditation. As this happens, our soul connects with the divine Light of God within and is nourished. Just as a seed, when given the right soil, ample water, sunlight, and air, will fructify into a plant, our soul, as it is nourished with God’s love in meditation, will bloom and blossom–until it attains its independence and merges back in its Source.