Love God

September 5, 2020

Today, during a streamed discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke on the importance of developing a continuous longing for God, if we are to find God. We tend to spend our time in worldly pursuits and hobbies that we think will bring us happiness, without ever stopping to ask if we are using our time wisely.

Saints tell us, said the spiritual Master, that the true goal of this existence is God-realization. This human birth is a rare and golden opportunity for us to know God because it is only in this human form that we have all the faculties to know God. Exhorting us to prioritize God in our lives, he encouraged all to find time to focus on God so that we can fulfill the supreme purpose of this life and merge our soul back in God. To find God, we need to develop love for God. This love intensifies as we meditate and experience the love and Light of God.