Success on the Spiritual Way

August 30, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 19th Global Meditation in Place event today. The spiritual Master focused on two key factors necessary for success on the spiritual journey. The first, is to understand and define our goal. For this, we need to realize who we are, and why we are here. When we realize that we are not our body or mind, but that, in truth, we are soul, the power that enlivens the body, we also come to realize that there is a supreme purpose to our lives: to reunite our soul with its Source. It is when this goal is defined that we begin to take steps toward it. Meditation, he said, is the mechanism by which we can achieve this goal.

Once our goal is defined, we need to have a ruling passion to get to our goal. On the spiritual path, this comes from having a sincere yearning to experience God, to know God. Just as with any endeavor in the outer world, success in the spiritual realm also requires that we put in dedicated effort daily and regularly in pursuit of our goal. We need to prioritize God in our lives. We need to be sincere in our efforts and steadfast in our resolve. By dedicating time regularly toward our spiritual practices, we fine-tune ourselves so we are ready to embark on the inner journey and attain the spiritual heights.