We Are Here to Love Everyone

August 29, 2020

In his discourse today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj reminded us of our true essence and our purpose in this human existence. We may think that we are the body, the mind, or the intellect. In truth, we are soul, a part of God that emanated from God, and that yearns to return to God. God is the fountainhead of divine beauty, he said, and we are drops of this great fountain. As such, we too have immense beauty within us.

It is up to us to inculcate the godly characteristics of love, compassion, nonviolence, humility, and truthfulness in our lives. Then, just as a river flowing over the earth nourishes everything in its path, we too can nourish and uplift all those with whom we come in contact.

We are here to love everyone, and we should strive to spread the fragrance of God’s love wherever we go, to whomever we meet. To share God’s love, however, we must first experience it. God’s love, which lies deep within, can only be experienced when we go within. Through the process of meditation, we can learn to take our attention away from the turmoil and many distractions of the outer world and focus it within. As we experience this divine love, we begin to give selflessly of ourselves to alleviate the burdens of our fellow beings, and to make life better for everyone. When we give love, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji, our reservoir of love increases, and this helps us progress spiritually. It all begins as we go within through meditation.