How to Grow in Humility: Lisle, Illinois

August 3, 2019

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about how we can grow in humility, which is an important aspect of the spiritual path. We have first to recognize the oneness and connectivity of each and every one of us, he said.  When this happens, we realize that there is no “other,” but that everyone is an extension of ourselves.

Once we have mentally understood this fact, it is also important that we experience our connectedness and oneness. This happens as we go within through meditation. It is then that we experience that there is no separation between us. It is separation, said the spiritual Master, that brings duality into our lives, and it is duality which leads to ego. Ego in turn causes us to be arrogant and present ourselves in a manner that is not really us. Once we realize we are all one, a transformation happens within us and we become humble. He said it is then that we begin to live life in a loving, calm, peaceful and harmonious manner.