Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Returns to Chicagoland

December 7, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj returned to the SOS International Meditation Center this evening, following his recent tours to Greece and India. In keeping with the festive cheer of the holiday season, the Center was decked out in golden lights and hues of red, green, and gold to welcome him.

Greeting those gathered in the Main Hall, the spiritual Master shared how wonderful it was to be back in the Chicagoland area, a comment that elicited joyous applause. He recounted the events of the past eight weeks, beginning with his program tour to Athens. He recapped his travels in India, which took him to the city of Indore and to the southern cities of Bangalore (Bengaluru) and Hyderabad. In addition, he related the many special events that took place at Kirpal Bagh in Delhi. All were attended by large numbers of new seekers.

The remarks brought home a key message: although our geographical coordinates may result in different customs and traditions around the world, the search for God and the yearning that dwells in the human heart remains universal wherever we go.

Following this beautiful sharing, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji opened the floor to questions that had been collected from seekers around the world. Through his responses, he reminded all of the importance of living a life of selfless service in which we can use the gifts we have been given to serve others.