“Zeal and Passion on the Path Godward” at Kirpal Bagh in Delhi 

November 3, 2019

Upon returning from his tour of Hyderabad and Bengaluru in southern India this evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, headed directly from the airport to Kirpal Bagh, where thousands eagerly awaited his return. He focused his Sunday discourse on the zeal, passion and steadfast determination that is needed if we are to realize the supreme goal of human life—self-knowledge and God-realization.

As we tread the path Godward, the spiritual Master said, we may be faced with many obstacles along the way: resistance from family and friends, conflicts with our work commitments, inability to find the time for our spiritual practices, etc. Additionally, our lack of faith may distract or deter us from our goal. Such obstacles can also impact our ability to still the mind when we do find the time and sit down to meditate, he added.

However, once we come to the understanding that finding God is the true purpose for which we have been given this human existence, a deep desire and longing for God begins to take root in our hearts. So long as we have not achieved our goal, the yearning only intensifies and eventually turns into a ruling passion to meet God.  In such a state, no matter our outer conditions or challenges, our quest for God remains uninhibited because our attention is always focused on God. And, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, constant attention on God and a zeal and passion to know God are the keys to success on the path Homeward.