Become an Ambassador of Love through Meditation

August 9, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 16th Global Meditation in Place event. This is an online program that has, week after week, drawn tens of thousands around the world to meditate together and heal together. He focused his discourse on how meditation positively impacts our relationships.

True meditation, he said, is about healing the spirit, which is our true nature. It is the process by which our soul experiences God’s love, and finds its communion with God—the ultimate purpose for which we have been given this human birth. Meditation also has many byproducts. One such byproduct is its impact on our relationships. All relationships are based on love, and as we meditate and connect with the love of God, we become more loving and caring in our relationships.

This love, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, brings harmony and happiness into our interactions with others. As we experience the divine Light of God during meditation, a transformation occurs within us. We become more truthful in our dealings with others, which in turn nourishes and strengthens our relationships. This connection with the inner Light also awakens us to the oneness of all God’s creation, and we begin to see everyone as an extension of ourselves. We inculcate the ethical virtues of nonviolence, humility, and selfless service. Our words and actions become a soothing balm that alleviates the pain and burdens of those around us. We become ambassadors of love, happiness, and joy.