Experience a Heart Full of Love through Meditation

February 14, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the life of love and joy that awaits us when we experience God’s love through meditation.

When we look at our lives and compare ourselves to others around us, he said, we believe that we are different from each other. However, in reality, we are all connected, and it is the silken bonds of God’s love that connect us.

Citing the findings of the Human Genome Project, the spiritual Master explained how more than 99 percent of the genetic makeup of all humanity is the same. Less than one percent accounts for our outer differences. Thus, even science tells us that we are all more similar than we think. If we go beyond our outer differences and dig deep into who we truly are, we will realize that we are one and the same.

To realize our oneness with God’s Creation, we need first to experience God. To experience God, we need to take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within. Through meditation, we can be imbued in God’s love, and everything becomes beautiful for us. As we realize our true nature as soul, a part of God, we also realize that we are conscious beings and that our heart and soul are full of love.

This love does not remain within us, but rather, once experienced, it expands and radiates to everyone in our orbit. Gradually, the circle of love around us expands, touching the lives of many, many more, and brings about a transformation in our families, societies, and the world.