Finding Happiness Amidst Life’s Difficulties

December 26, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how we can find happiness and peace amidst the difficulties that this year has brought to everyone around the world. The peace and happiness that we seek do not exist in this outer world but await us in the spiritual worlds that we can enter as we go within through meditation. These spiritual worlds are vast and are filled to the brim with the love, Light, and the bliss of God. 

As we focus our attention at the third eye, the gateway to the inner regions, our soul takes flight, said the spiritual Master. As we journey within, we also develop right understanding of this human existence and the cause of pain and suffering. This realization helps us lead our lives in the right manner so we can take steady steps toward the fulfillment of life’s true purpose. 

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that through daily and regular meditation, we tap into the limitless bliss and joy within. We can then experience joy even after our meditation time is over, and despite any difficulties that we may experience in the outer world.