Improve Your Meditation through Daily Practice

October 30, 2022

The process of meditation is simple. It requires no challenging or arduous physical undertakings and can be practiced by young and old alike. Meditation simply requires that we withdraw our attention from the world and focus it within ourselves. Yet, anyone who has attempted to sit in silence and still the mind in meditation can attest that while simple, it is not easy. Why do we struggle to focus our attention in meditation when we can achieve high levels of concentration in other areas of our lives?

The answer lies not in our ability to concentrate but in how we see our world. We can indeed focus our attention, but we choose to focus it in the wrong arena. From an early age, we have been led to believe that this physical world is all there is. We are conditioned to focus on the outer world and can do this without much effort or resistance from the mind. Hence, we can watch our favorite television series, play video games, or study for hours without being disturbed by our thoughts. However, to find God, the purpose of this human existence, we must look within in meditation.

When we try to concentrate within, we are bombarded by thoughts because the mind overpowers us with worldly distractions. The key to overcoming this obstacle is understanding that there is more to life than what we see in the outer world. If we are to gain the true riches and treasures, we have to go within. Next, we need to befriend the mind, so it becomes an aide and not a hindrance in our meditation. We need to harness the power of the mind and sit in silence regularly so that it becomes a habit. Over time, we condition ourselves to focus within and improve our ability to concentrate in meditation. We can achieve this with dedicated, daily practice.