Let Go and Get God

January 10, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj addressed tens of thousands today in his first 2021 web broadcast in English. Acknowledging the challenging year gone by, he reminded us of the slogan for the year: “Bask in the Inner Sun in 2021. ” His message focused on how we can work toward this and achieve our spiritual goals in the new year. 

Simply put, said the spiritual Master, we can achieve our spiritual resolutions and goals for the year if we remember five important words: “Let go and get God.” As we embed this philosophy into our lives, we also enhance our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  

To let go of difficulties that cause turmoil in our lives, we first need to forgive and forget. When we experience feelings of anger and jealousy, they can get the better of us and cause us to behave in a manner that makes things even more difficult. We waste time and effort in activities that are not fruitful, and that can cause further turmoil within us. Additionally, we need to learn to curb the ego and develop humility so we can achieve a state of harmony with others, which in turn brings harmony with God. As we meditate and experience the divine Light within, we realize that God resides in others too, which helps us embrace our oneness. 

As we forget the past and forgive those who have hurt us, as we let go of anger and jealousy and all that keeps us away from God, and as we experience divine love through meditation, we take steady steps toward God.