Take the First Step to Peace and Happiness

November 6, 2022

Addressing an audience of over 2000 from Europe and the Americas, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj remarked on the stress and strife prevalent in our lives today, no matter where we live. When we live in stress, he said, there is turmoil in our lives; and where there is turmoil, there can be no peace.

To find peace, we need to address the cause of stress. Stress occurs largely due to our limited angle of vision. We need to change this angle of vision and how we see the world to reduce our stress. This change in our angle of vision comes about when we defocus our attention from the outer world and focus it within ourselves. As we do so, we connect with the inner current of God’s love and Light. This love transforms us. We awaken to the truth that we are not just our physical bodies. We realize that at our core, we are soul, a part of God. We also recognize that this same part of God is present in all living forms.

Gradually, we awaken to our oneness and interconnectedness with each other. As we embrace this oneness, our perspective shifts. We begin to see others as an extension of ourselves, and conflict in our lives vanishes. As conflict recedes, peace becomes a reality, and when peace enters our being, we find happiness. The first step to peace and happiness is to invert through meditation and experience God’s love, which will give us a higher angle of vision