The Art of Effortless Effort

April 24, 2022

Saints and spiritual Masters teach us that meditation is a process of concentration, whereby we withdraw our attention from the attractions and distractions of the outer world and focus it on the stillness within. However, it is common among many beginners to assume that this concentration needs to be forced and intense. On the contrary, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Spirituality is experienced in a relaxed state.

When we sit to meditate, we need to be relaxed as we practice the art of effortless effort. Our job is to focus softly and calmly on what we see within as we gaze with closed eyes eight to ten inches in front of us. Then we let go and wait patiently and lovingly. Various thoughts and distractions will keep us from the stillness required to experience God’s love. It is up to us to remain focused and not allow these wiles of the mind to deter us. This is where we need to put in an effort.

Meditation requires us to be calm and collected, free of turmoil and restlessness. We need to surrender to God’s will and sit as an empty cup, free of expectation and anticipation, ready to receive the Creator’s love and Light. Spiritual progress comes rapidly when we are regular in our practice and we remain grateful for the revelations that we experience in our meditations.