The First Step to Finding God

February 12, 2022

From time immemorial, when beset by the difficulties and challenges of life in this world, humanity has searched for God. We have searched in the highest mountains and the deepest seas. We have searched for God in the beauty of nature and in the sacred scriptures, only to realize that God cannot be found in the material world. How then can we find God?

Saints and mystics of all ages have come to remind us that the way to God is the way of stillness. Only when we have found stillness within us can we experience the splendor of God. They speak of a critical first step that we must take: the step of self-realization. Currently, we believe ourselves to be the body, which is made of matter. However, God is spirit, and to experience God, we need to become spiritually conscious. This happens as we awaken to the truth of our spiritual nature through meditation.

In meditation, we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus on the inner spiritual worlds. In the stillness of meditation, we embark on the inner spiritual journey, awakening to the truth that we are soul, a part of God that drifted away from God eons ago. We recognize our soul and develop a yearning to find our way back to our origin—the Abode of God. Thus, in the stillness of meditation, we realize our true selves, and this self-realization paves the way to God-realization.