Balance Your Life through Meditation

February 29, 2020

On February 29th, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a guest lecture entitled “Balance Your Life through Meditation,” at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi campus. The spiritual Master is an alumnus of IIT Madras, where he received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering in 1967. The talk was held in the 1100 capacity, theater-style Dogra Hall of the tree-lined campus, which extends over 1.3 square kilometers.

Addressing the packed auditorium in English, the spiritual Master spoke of the stresses and strains of daily life. The root cause of this stress is that we are unaware of our true nature, and our true purpose in this human existence, he explained.

We think we are the body and mind, when in truth, we are the soul, a part of God, here to find its way back to God. We while away our time here on earth amassing material wealth and knowledge, when the priceless treasures of spirituality lay within us, waiting to be discovered. Through meditation, the process of going within, we can uncover the spiritual treasures within, he stated.

As we embark on the inner spiritual journey, we awaken to our true nature, to God’s presence in our lives and to the purpose of our lives. We begin to see that the same light of God that shines in us also shines in everyone else, and embrace the oneness of all God’s creation. Our sense of duality evaporates, and we lead our lives in a calm, loving and peaceful manner, which in turn radiates to everyone in our orbit.

With a higher angle of vision, we are able to face all of life’s challenges with equanimity and stability. As more people partake of the peace within through meditation, stated the spiritual Master, we will create circles of peace which, over time, will expand to bring peace throughout the world. Concluding his talk, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji answered several spiritual questions from the audience.