“Experience the Light and Love of the Inner Worlds” A discourse in Quito, Ecuador

December 26, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj held his first public program in Quito today. Nearly two thousand people flocked to his talk, filling both the Salon Los Shyris ballroom and a large overflow hall downstairs.

The spiritual discourse was prefaced by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji’s wife, Mata Rita Ji, singing a hymn from the scriptures. She sang of how the light of God shines in each and every heart, and of how all beings seek the protection and sanctuary of the Lord. In his talk, which was translated into Spanish, the spiritual Master expounded on these verses and emphasized the importance of experiencing the light of God within us.

Quito sits at the equator, where the northern and southern hemispheres meet, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. Here we have the ability to experience either hemisphere. When we look at life in this world, we also come across two hemispheres—the outer hemisphere, which is the physical world we live in, and the inner hemisphere, the spiritual worlds that reside within us. The spiritual worlds are waiting to be experienced.

It is only when we take our attention away from the outer world and focus it on the spiritual eye, the gateway between the inner and outer worlds, that we can experience the light and love of the inner worlds. This love and light dispels all darkness and enlightens us. In this light, clarity of our vision sets in, and we are able to find our way back to God, our Source. It all begins with meditation, the spiritual Master said.