Global Meditation in Place: “In Love’s Embrace”

April 19, 2020

This evening, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the fourth online “Global Meditation in Place” event from Delhi, India. People from 72 countries joined the spiritual Master for the live meditation session, prior to which he delivered a memorable discourse, first in Hindi and then in English.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji began by acknowledging the current global crisis and the virus that has not limited itself to the boundaries set by humanity. This microscopic organism, he pointed out, does not discriminate based on age, nationality, culture, or educational status. While the contagious nature of this virus causes concern, there is something else that transcends all boundaries, and that is love. Love, too, is contagious. The virtue of love knows no borders, he said. Love spreads freely and is the only commodity that expands as we give it away.

“Love has only a beginning
 it has no end.”
– Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj

Expounding on the above timeless verse by Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj, the spiritual Master described how love, once born, has no end. Love comes from God, for God is love, and this love can be realized by us as we go within through meditation. When we connect with the divine Light and Sound of God, unconditional love is awakened within us and we are transformed. As our love for God strengthens, so does our love for God’s children, he said. It is this love that impels us to serve each other and to alleviate the burdens of our fellow beings, as love and compassion go hand in hand.

Let this global crisis be a time of reflection for us, he proposed. Let us use this time to pause and reflect on how we have been leading our lives and the kind of lives we should aspire to lead. Let us remind ourselves that we are continually in God’s embrace. During this time when there is great concern and worry about the spread of the virus, let us aspire instead to spread love. Love is contagious; be a carrier, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. He then led the global online gathering in meditation.