Remembering Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj: Lisle, Illinois

August 22, 2019

This evening at the International Meditation Center, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj fondly remembered Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj on the 45th anniversary of his passing. He said that the life and teachings of this spiritual Master were based on very simple principles. He had told us to “Go Jolly,” reminding us that despite all the ups and downs in life we should always be happy knowing that everything that happens to us is for our highest well-being. When we experience challenges in life, rather than becoming distraught, disillusioned and sad, we should strive to look at the big picture of life and not dwell on the smaller instances that get us down.

Second, Sant Kirpal Singh Ji taught us to “Be Good. Do Good. Be One.” He wanted us to go beyond duality to realize that we are all one, and that the key to this is to find our oneness with God through meditation. To “Be One,” Sant Kirpal Singh Ji advised us to “Be Good;” to inculcate the ethical virtues of truthfulness, humility, nonviolence, love, compassion, peace, and joy in our hearts. As we do so, we cleanse our souls and prepare the platform that helps us launch into the inner spiritual regions.

Additionally, he wanted us to “Do Good,” to make the effort to help others, to take a stand for the benefit of others. Embracing our oneness and knowing that we are all connected through God, he asked us to make time to be of selfless service to our fellow beings.

It is when we put these simple principles into our lives on a daily basis that we will find the environment around us gets better, and our spiritual progress comes in leaps and bounds, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said.