Liberate the Soul through Meditation

July 20, 2019

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj arrived in the Big Apple this afternoon for a two-day spiritual program, three years after his last visit to New York when he delivered a talk “Building Bridges through Meditation” at the United Nations.

The first of the weekend’s talks took place at the Science of Spirituality Center in Amityville, New York. Commenting on the Statue of Liberty, a signature landmark that has greeted thousands of visitors to the New York Harbor, he spoke of how people from all corners of the world come to New York in search of liberty. Expounding on this theme, the spiritual Master then went on to explain the purpose for which we have all come into this world, the opportunity before us to solve the mystery of life and death, and the need to liberate our soul which is encased in the human body.

Living at the level of our physical senses, he said, we take ourselves to be the body and consider all that we experience through our five physical senses to be real. Rarely do we pause to wonder if there is anything beyond this physical existence. In reality, our true self is the soul, and in this human existence, our soul is encased in the physical body. He explained how this human existence is our opportunity to realize our true nature and to find our way back to God, the Source from where the soul originated. This is the supreme purpose for which we are all here, he emphasized.

Today marked the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a giant step in humanity’s exploration of outer space. Recalling this significant achievement in space exploration, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji spoke  of the inner space that lies within us, waiting to be explored. These inner regions exist concurrently with our physical world, and it is through exploration of this inner space that we can uncover the treasures that lie beyond this physical world.

The gateway to these inner regions is the spiritual eye, located between and behind our eyebrows, and the mechanism to embark on this inner journey, he said, is meditation, wherein we take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within. Through meditation we experience the inner Light and Sound of God.

In our current state, he explained, the soul is mired in layers of mind, matter, and illusion and has forgotten its true nature. However, as it comes in contact with the Light and Sound of God within, the soul takes flight into the inner worlds. Traversing the inner regions of immense light, love, and beauty, we experience God’s love for ourselves and realize God’s limitless, formless nature. We grow strong in our belief that God is with us at all times. With this realization, all fears of the world leave us, and we are transformed into loving, caring, and peaceful individuals who embrace the oneness of all life, and who bring peace and tranquility to all who come in contact with us.

Masterfully condensing a library of spiritual gems into one memorable talk, he then introduced the simple technique of meditation on the inner Light and Sound of God before leading the audience in a meditation sitting.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj will deliver his second public talk on Sunday afternoon at the Queens College, New York.