Lift the Veil of Illusion through Meditation

August 12, 2019

After the resounding success of Veggie Fest 2019 on the grounds of Danada South Park this past weekend, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj returned to the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center this evening for a public talk in Hindi. Owing to the diverse audience in attendance, the talk was translated simultaneously into English, Spanish, French, German and Hungarian.

The spiritual Master discoursed on humanity’s timeless quest to find the purpose of our human existence, and to unravel the mysteries of life. Saints and mystics, he said, come to show us the way, and there is much to be gained from the blueprints they give us.

Our condition is such that living at the level of the physical senses, we have come to believe this is all there is to life. We consider ourselves to be the body, and we live out our lives focused on the responsibilities and obligations of this physical world. In reality, he said, we are not this body. We are the power that gives life to this body. This power, which is the soul, is a part of God, and thus, we are all parts of God.

The soul has been separated from God, and our purpose in this life is to realize the merge of our soul back in its Source. We have within us everything that is needed to achieve this purpose, he emphasized. To realize the union of our soul in God, we have to traverse the inner spiritual realms, which exist concurrently with our physical region. To do so, we need to take our attention away from the world outside and focus it within ourselves. The gateway to the inner regions, he explained, is the spiritual eye that we have all been given, and the process of going within is called meditation.

As we journey within through meditation, we connect with the Light and Sound of God, the two primal manifestations of God that came into being at the beginning of Creation. Contact with this current cleanses the layers of mind, matter and illusion that shroud our soul, and we undergo a transformation. Gradually, as we meditate, our soul is able to shed its many coverings and we become more calm, loving, peaceful and harmonious beings.