A Discourse in Hyderabad: “Shed Your Worries and Soar Within”

October 31, 2019

In his spiritual discourse in Hyderabad this afternoon, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how worrying is part of human nature, and very prevalent in today’s world. All of us experience problems and difficulties as we pass through life, he said. Some problems are harder than others and even seem to be insurmountable, which causes us to worry. Worry freezes us into inaction, he pointed out, and prevents us from taking action to resolve the situation.

Instead, we enter states of depression and panic which can have long-term health implications, and take our attention away from the purpose for which we have been given this human birth. Worry arises, explained the spiritual Master, when we do not have faith in God. We forget that God loves us tremendously and whatever happens to us is for our highest good; that God will take care of us in all situations.

Every problem has a solution. If we put our faith in God and calmly take whatever measures we can to solve the problem at hand, leaving the results to God, we will not worry a single moment in our lives. To truly free our mind from our worries, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, we need to experience the love and protection of God first hand. Through the process of meditation, when we connect with the Power God, we not only realize the presence of God in our lives but also experience God’s Hand supporting us at every moment and in every situation of life. The love we experience within fills us with inner satisfaction and peace, and we see our outer life for the fleeting drama it really is. In this condition, we rarely get affected by any situation because we know “This too shall pass.”