Sunday Program “The Need for a Spiritual Master”

July 28, 2019

Today Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered a talk on the occasion of Masters’ Day. Spiritual Masters come for all humanity, he said. Through all ages, in all traditions, it is the need of the times that beckons them from God’s abode. They come to unite, to love, and to uplift. Our soul, he said, has been separated from its Source, and this separation at the level of the soul is what brings pain into our being. It is when this separation ends, and when we have realized our oneness with God, that we find lasting happiness.

Out of compassion for the plight of countless souls separated from God, spiritual Masters come to earth to take us under their wings of love and carry us back Home. Reminding us of who we are, they teach us the technique of meditation so we can embark on the inner spiritual journey to connect with the Light and Sound of God and awaken to the truth of our existence. Unabated by the infinite sacrifices along the way, they walk with us every step of the way until our soul completes its journey Homeward.