The Pursuit of Happiness: Queens College, New York

July 21, 2019

This afternoon, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered the second discourse of his two-day visit to New York at the Colden Auditorium on the campus of Queens College. Several citations and proclamations from dignitaries were shared to mark the spiritual Master’s visit to the Empire State.

One after the other, the citations praised Sant Rajinder Singh Ji as an ambassador of peace, acknowledging his spirited leadership and his tireless contributions and dedication to bringing about a world of peace and spiritual awakening.

In his talk, he focused on humanity’s pursuit of happiness, saying that lasting happiness cannot be found in the world outside. Only when we look beyond our physical existence do we experience joy that is lasting. The key to happiness, he said, is to heal the spirit, which is our true nature.

Our soul is a part of God, but has been separated from its Source. Thus, inherent in us is the intense desire to know God and to be one with God. We can heal the spirit by connecting it to the stability of God’s love, which happens through meditation. As soon as we begin to take steps toward God, and as soon as we build a bridge between the soul and God, we experience spiritual fulfillment, which in turn also heals our body and mind.

As we experience God’s love, we begin to develop right understanding of who we are and of our connection to God. With right understanding comes right thoughts, right words, and right deeds, transforming us into loving and caring individuals, and bringing peace and harmony to our lives and to the world around us. It all begins, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said, as we sit in silence and connect with the Divine Power within.