“Unconditional Love Awaits You Within” A Discourse in Bengaluru

November 2, 2019

On the second day of his spiritual program in Bengaluru, in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj addressed thousands gathered at the Samskruthi Brindavan Convention Center.

Expounding on a hymn from the scriptures, the spiritual Master described the human condition. In this physical body, he said, we have been blessed with the golden opportunity to find our way back Home to God. Yet, we while away our time on earth focused on amassing material wealth, paying little attention to life’s true purpose.

We run from dawn to dusk, feeding and caring for the body, which is mortal and will perish at the time of death. Our soul, on the other hand, is our true nature– immortal and everlasting–and is what we should be nurturing in this human existence. When we still our body and mind in meditation, we are able to connect with the God Power within, which nourishes the soul.

Elaborating on the nature of this journey Homeward, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji described the unconditional love that awaits us within. When we connect with this divine love, it beautifies everything. As the soul journeys into the spiritual regions, it basks in divine love and experiences ineffable peace, bliss and happiness. The more inner progress our soul makes, the more love it experiences and thus the more joyful we become. The love, beauty and bliss we experience in the inner regions flows over to our worldly life.