A Happy Life through Meditation: Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

May 28, 2019

The spiritual Master and his wife, Mata Rita Ji, returned to Delhi today. He shared his joy to be back, and remarked on how being together provides a sweet refreshing breeze to the heart, despite the sweltering heat outside. Moments of togetherness fill us with happiness, and life is meant to be spent in a happy and blissful state, he said.

Explaining how meditation on the inner Light and Sound of God enables us to achieve this state, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji explained that when we experience the bliss and love of God within, our angle of vision changes to that of positivity. We begin to see the inevitable challenges of life as passing phases. In this state, we are inwardly happy no matter our outer condition. This state of inner calm and peace allows us to keep our goal of realizing God firmly in sight, without being perturbed by the ups and downs of the outer world. He said that the more regular we are in our spiritual practices, the more love and bliss we experience within. Meditation makes our life a veritable garden of peace—an oasis amidst the desert of life.