Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj on Letting Go of Worry

January 19, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s Sunday discourse today was attended by several hundred visitors from around the world. The spiritual Master focused on a topic that plagues us all: worry.

Worry, he said, has become a part of our existence. We worry about all aspects of our life: our health, finances, relationships, and loved ones. We worry because we don’t know what the future will bring. This anticipation of trouble, whether real or perceived, causes our body to produce cortisol to help us deal with the situation. When excess stress hormones build up in our body due to constant worrying, they can serve as the root cause of many of the physical ailments prevalent in society today.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said we can get to a state in which instead of worrying, we remain happy under all circumstances. As we journey within through meditation, and experience the inner Light and Sound of God, we connect with the Source of all happiness and joy. Piercing through the layers of mind, matter and illusion that shroud our soul, we experience God’s love, which is eternal. Anchoring ourselves to this permanent love gives us the stability we need to face all of life’s ups and downs with equipoise, strong in the knowledge that everything in this physical world will eventually pass. As God’s love fills our being with happiness and bliss, we become oblivious to difficulties and pains that come, and worry dissipates.